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Stump Grinding & Removal

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Are you in need of a professional service to grind a large trunk from your yard? Tree Stump removal, and similar trunk grinding service, is a necessary part of every finished removal. The eradication of a leftover tree root is not always a provided service for you. Tree stump removal is not only offered on all tree felling services, but it is also available as a stand alone service to fit your needs.

Trunk Grinding Service for Your Lawn & Landscaping

Tree stump removal generally creates a sizable impact on your land. Trunk grinding service uses a high power blade to do the cutting, and is far more cost effective and requires no additional landscaping to fill in the void. It is often a quick service and is provided as a package with other updates, or by itself. Trunk grinding service will also remove the pesky root sticking out of the ground and provide an even, flat surface for your landscaping desires.

Although it is optional, there are many benefits to removing trees, shrubs and stumps and in some cases it may be necessary to complete your vision. Without grinding the roots may become a hazard to your safety and the safety of your home. In addition to the tripping hazard and potential damage to your lawn care equipment from hitting hard scraps, they may also attract various bugs. Insects such as termites and ants thrive in stumps and may eventually find their way to your home causing unwanted damage.

Summit Tree Services Root Disposal Services are recommended for:

  • Freeing up lawn space.
  • Eliminating habitats for termites and other harmful pests.
  • Removing tripping hazards.
  • Preventing regrowth from the stump.

There are many cases where you can package services. Summit Tree Services offers many professional tree service packages to ensure you get just the right combination of services to fit all of your needs. Remaining scraps and rubbish left in your yard needs to be cleaned up to ensure the best visual representation of your family. Debris removal services can be grouped with many others to ensure a beautiful, premium quality yard.

There are obvious maintenance aspects that require add-ons. Tree Trimmings include the complete felling and disposal of the limbs, twigs, and roots. Other options may not have such obvious maintenance procedures attached to them, though they are required or highly suggested. Storm damage services, for example, provide a combination of services, but it is generally after the damage has already been done.


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