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Storm Damage & Cleanup

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Have you been impacted by a Hurricane or an Intense Storm? We Specialize in Storm Damage Cleanup that includes: Tree Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Debris & Brush Removal.

Hurricane, Hail and Other Weather Damage Prevention

Storm damage avoidance will clear your property of any timber that is weak, dead, or dying. Weather damage prevention includes a survey of all trees in close proximity to your house, and analyzes which are most dangerous. The homeowner makes the final decision to protect their home from hail, wind, and heavy limbs. Weather damage prevention is by-far the most valuable resource, lest hurricane and tornado damage throw loose branches and debris through a window, or onto the roof.

Who Should I Call After The Rain Stops?

Our ISA certified arborists follow all safety precautions and guidelines for when removing fallen or damaged limbs and branches. Our specialists assess damage and will help guide you on the steps needed for a successful tree removal. Fallen timber, broken limbs, and flawed trunks can pose danger to you and your family. Having a certified, reliable service care for your storm damaged property can keep your mind at ease and insure that your emergency debris removal is done safely and correctly.

Knowledge and experience is crucial to safely removing branches and limbs that have fallen from wind. At Summit Tree Services we know that after a storm all levels of storm damage are important to address and take care of as soon as possible. We know many will need the exclusive stump removal services, as well.


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